Meta International




Meta international is fully specialised in delivering by air the freshest italian cheese and many other delicious italian foodstuffs.
Every week we receive, directly from our established manufacturers plants, all the products ordered by customers, which are immediately stored in our warehouse at controlled temperature. We have a thorough skillness to comply with any G.C.C. Regulations ( arabic labels / stickers are available for any product).

All the goods are controlled & packed in to polistirene boxes and covered with aluminium sack, to guarantee the maximum freshness. Transfer to airport are entrusted only to specialised transport companies, providing so the possibility of monitoring the goods temperature, from the moment they leave our premises till the arrival at each destinations.

We are also equipped to arrange deliveries by sea container (either dry or reefer) of any kind of products with longer shelf life, using the same care and attention necessary to guarantee the arrival of the goods in proper conditions.

We deliver a fresh italian taste upon your requests, just try us!